Suits for Women with Large Busts

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With Moi-Même Personal Tailoring, you can design your own professional clothing and custom women’s suits – selecting silhouettes that flatter your figure and choosing styles and colors that are chic and appropriate for your workplace.

Professional Attire for Full Chested Women from Moi-Meme

Jacket for Full-Chested Women

Jackets that button comfortably. Button-down shirts without a worrisome gap at the bust. Suits that don’t make you feel plus-size all around, shrouding your waist and curves.

At Moi-Même, we offer modern, custom-tailored clothing for full-chested women that provides support at the bust while giving a structured, confident look.

Our collection of tops for large busted women, jackets for women with full chests and flattering dresses for full busted women pair up perfectly with our professional skirts and pants.



shown at top: Florence lapel-less jacket
shown at left: Mendoza double-breasted jacket

Recommendations for Women with Large Chests

Design Custom Clothing for Large Busts now

Endorsements for Moi-Meme's Petite Personal Tailoring for Full-Chested Women's Clothing

Tips from our Image Consultant partners:

Courtesy of Beth Yvette Strange, AICI FLC, Image Consultant & Owner, Your Image Works:

  • Always have a professional bra fitting each time you buy a bra. Your breasts change continuously, and bra manufacturers often adjust the cut and fit in even the same bra make and style. A properly fitted bra can take visual inches off your full-chested figure and make all the difference in how your top pieces fit.

  • Consider and try a minimizer style bra. Look for styles that don't add side bulk to your full-chested silhouette. You may not need a minimizer for all tops, but it can make a significant difference in fit, especially for button tops.

  • Add depth to your neckline and shape to the fit in your waist. This will draw the eye to the smaller areas of your frame.

  • Listen to your mother and stand up straight! Numerous studies have shown that you can be perceived as 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter by simply rolling back-and-down your shoulders and lengthening your spine.

Real Simple magazine recommends Moi-Meme custom shirts for women

 “Design your own. It may sound indulgent, but having a shirt custom-made to your exact specifications and proportions may not be significantly more expensive than buying off-the-rack.” - Real Simple magazine, recommending Moi-Même's custom shirts

 “What else did I love? Never once worrying about gapping. At the bustline under the hidden placket, three buttons just 1.5" apart keep everything together.” - Red Violet Project, reviewing Moi-Même's custom shirts for full-busted women


Personal Tailoring

What is personal tailoring?
Personal tailoring is a whole new shopping experience based on the premise that no two bodies are the same and every body deserves stylish, flattering professional attire and custom suits.

With Moi-Même Personal Tailoring, you can design your own full-chested clothing and petite women's suits – selecting silhouettes that flatter your curvy figure and choosing styles and colors that are chic and appropriate for your workplace. Once you’ve tried Moi-Même Personal Tailoring, you won't want to waste another minute rummaging through the department store.

Moi-Même designs and tailors stylish custom suits for full-chested women, dresses for full busted women, shirts for large busted women and jackets for women with large chests.

Moi-Même tailors custom clothing for large-busted women:

  • Clothes for full busted women / Large bust women's clothing
  • Dresses for full busted women / Dresses for full chested women
  • Shirts for large busted women / Tops for large busted women
  • Jackets for large busted women / Jackets for women with large chests / Jackets for large busted women
  • Suits for full-chested women

Design Custom Clothing for Large Busts now


Recommendations for Petite Women

Our shirts feature stretch fabric and well-positioned darts that allow the garment follow your curves, as well as strategically placed buttons.

While all our shirts for large-busted women can be tailored in very curvy silhouettes, we recommend our Lisbon, Montreal and Dublin covered-placket shirts for women with fuller chests. These shirts are cleverly designed to conceal an extra button at the bust that will help keep your shirt closed. We also suggest our Cairo and Riga shirts, as their double-button design seamlessly integrates the additional button at the bust.

Shirts for Women with Full Chests
shown above: Dublin shirt


Many of our jackets can be tailored for very curvy busts, regardless of your waist circumference.

When selecting a jacket for a large-busted woman, we recommend looking for one with a higher button stance, to provide support at the bust, and smart seaming. Our Zurich and Mendoza jackets were designed with you in mind, as they feature high button stances and full princess seaming that follows your full-chested curves. Our Florence and Edinburgh jackets are perfect for women who prefer a lapel-less option.

Avoid one-button jackets because the single button will be located at the natural waist, causing the lapel to curve around your bust in an unflattering way.

Jackets for Curvy Women
shown above: Zurich jacket

DRESSES FOR FULL-CHESTED WOMEN More Full Chested Women's Dresses
Our dresses boast necklines appropriate for women with larger busts – you need not worry about exposing cleavage in the office. Our dresses for large chested women feature ten darts to fit and flatter your curvy silhouette and look appropriate whether you are in a professional or a casual environment.

Dress for Full-Chested Women
shown above: Melbourne dress

PLUS SIZE More for Plus Sized Full Chested Women
We are not able to accommodate Plus sizes at this time, but we are pleased to report that we will be adding Plus sizes very soon. To be amongst the first to learn when we add Plus sizes, please join our mailing list.

Design Custom Clothing for Large Busts now