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With Moi-Même Personal Tailoring, you can design your own petite professional clothing and custom women’s suits – selecting silhouettes that flatter your figure and choosing styles and colors that are chic and appropriate for your workplace.

Petite Professional Attire from Moi-Meme

By fashion-industry definition, a petite woman is 5’4” or shorter. If this describes you, then a paucity of contemporary petite clothing options might leave you looking too young or too old for your age. And, if you are like most petites, you spend more time with your tailor than you would like.


shown at left: Edinburgh lapel-less jacket with Lyon A-line skirt

Recommendations for Petite Women

We understand the frustration of finding the style you love only to realize the sleeves reach your knuckles or the rise is too long. Personal tailoring might be the best solution for you.

At Moi-Même, we offer custom petite clothing for stylish women seeking the most flattering petite looks and fit. You will not look like you went through your mother’s wardrobe and you will not feel inappropriate or disheveled because your clothes are just too big for you.

All of our styles are available in petite heights, so you can design your own garments that reflect your unique personality. Find your heart’s delight in our collection of custom petite suits, jackets, dresses and shirts.


Design Petite Clothing now

Endorsements for Moi-Meme's Petite Personal Tailoring

“Moi-Même [is a] very petite-friendly custom-tailoring company.” - Shorty Stories, petite clothing blog for petite fashion

...“we all deserve to know about Moi-Même [the] oh-so-appropriate personal tailoring service.” - serafinablog, petite clothing for petite women

“Moi-Même is the answer for professional women who need, but can't find, a perfectly fitting suit.” - JADE Magazine, a fresh perspective for Asian women

Love to Know

“Since there are many body types and sizes that fall within the petite range, personal tailoring is a great option, especially when it comes to items like jacket dresses or two-piece business suits for women. Companies like Moi-Même are recognizing the need for a more personalized fit, and specialize in stylish, tailored custom business wear.”

Petite Fashion Scene

“If you want to make sure you get petite clothes that fit you and fit you perfectly, you have to check out Moi-Même.”

Real Simple magazine recommends Moi-Meme custom shirts for women

“I Can’t Find Decent Colors or Patterns in My Size”

Design your own. It may sound indulgent, but having a shirt custom-made to your exact specifications and proportions may not be significantly more expensive than buying off-the-rack.


Personal Tailoring

What is personal tailoring?
Personal tailoring is a whole new shopping experience based on the premise that no two bodies are the same and every body deserves stylish, flattering professional attire and custom suits.

With Moi-Même Personal Tailoring, you can design your own petite clothing and petite women's suits – selecting silhouettes that flatter your petite figure and choosing styles and colors that are chic and appropriate for your workplace. Once you’ve tried Moi-Même Personal Tailoring, you won't want to waste another minute rummaging through the department store Petites section. From order to ship, your custom petite clothing is only four weeks away.

Moi-Même designs and tailors smart, stylish custom petite suits and petite clothing.

Moi-Même tailors custom petite clothing:

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Design Petite Clothing now

Recommendations for Petite Women

We tailor our petite pants to fit a shorter petite rise and we can custom hem the trousers to your height whether you are wearing heels or flats - so you can stop trampling on your pant hem.

While all of our styles are available in petite heights, we do not recommend turnaround cuff hems on pants for petite women, as the cuffs visually cut off the vertical line of your legs and might leave them looking shorter than they actually are.

If you are a pear-shaped petite (curvy through the hips or thighs), read our recommendations for pear-shaped women.

Our suggestion for the perfect pant suit for petite women is to pair one of our shorter silhouette petite suit jackets with one of our made-to-order pants.

Pant for Petite Women
shown above: Taipei pant with Dublin shirt

We can custom hem our petite skirts to your preferred length.

We recommend our pencil skirts and “lowercase A-line” silhouette skirts for petite women as an A-line silhouette is often just too much fabric for a petite woman, causing imbalance. A straighter skirt will also emphasize a vertical line, making you look taller.

The Cairns pencil skirt is our most popular petite skirt for good reason: the classic style is timeless and, like all our skirts, we will hem it to a length appropriate for your height.

For the perfect petite skirt suit, pair one of our shorter silhouette petite suit jackets with one of our made-to-order skirts.

Skirt for Petite Women
shown above: Lille pencil skirt

Our made-to-order petite jackets will not let you down – waistline seams will finally fall where they are supposed to – at the waist. Our high, vertical shoulder seams will accentuate the vertical line of your body.

We offer suitable jacket styles for every work environment. Our shorter silhouette petite suit jackets (see Reykjavik, below) were designed specifically with the petite woman in mind. They are all cut a bit shorter to visually lengthen your legs and balance your petite proportions.

If you seek a more traditional look, our Torino jacket is a true classic and it will be cut to the appropriate length for your body; this is a style with which you cannot go wrong. For interview suits for petite women, pair the Torino jacket with our Cape Town pant or Cairns pencil skirt.

Jacket for Petite Women
shown above: Reykjavik jacket with Cairns pencil skirt

From the length of the shirt to the length of the sleeves, everything off-the-rack is just too long. Maybe there is too much fabric to tuck your shirt into your skirt. You have had it with all those oversized shirts! At Moi-Même, all our shirts are available in petite body proportions.

We have no specific recommendations as all of our shirts are available in petite lengths. If you have a large bust, however, be sure to read our recommendations for full-chested women.

Shirt for Petite Women
shown above: Montreal shirt with Shanghai pant

PETITE DRESSES More Petite Dresses
Rather than appearing too young or too casual, we know that you want your petite dresses to convey your elegance and grace. At Moi-Même, our dresses are cut to your preferred hem length; they will not let you down.

For slim or straight-figured petite women, we highly recommend the Singapore or Seoul sheath dresses as the long, clean lines and fitted look will flatter your figure while giving you length. If you are a bit curvier through the hips, we recommend Melbourne (shown below), a petite dress with a slight A-line skirt.

Our tailored dresses are the perfect foundation for our petite suits. In particular, the top-stitched waistband detail of the Singapore dress and side-slit top stitching on our Melbourne dress compliment the detail on our Reykjavik and Madrid petite suit jackets.

Dress for Petite Women
shown above: Melbourne dress

PLUS SIZE PETITES More Plus Size Petites
We are not able to accommodate Plus sizes at this time, but we are pleased to report that we will be adding Plus sizes very soon. To be amongst the first to learn when we add Plus sizes, please join our mailing list.

Design Petite Clothing now


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