The idea for Moi-Même was conceived in 2006 by Dawn Verbrigghe, a businesswoman who needed a few well-fitted suits for client meetings, but was simply too tall to wear pre-hemmed pants. Unwilling to sport a skirt through a frigid New York winter, she set out to buy a tailored pant suit, but found the options limited. Not only was the fit poor, but the garments lacked the fabric quality and smart tailoring details she found in menswear. Dispirited, Dawn asked her friends where to find a great suit and they all told her the same thing, “I don’t know, but when you find out, come back and tell me!”

Drawing upon her career in design and management, Dawn found a way to adapt menswear practices to address the unique body proportions and preferences of women, developing a made-to-measure solution to the problem of ill-fitting career attire for professional women.

We strive to help women feel confident in the workplace by delivering well-fitted, stylish and office-appropriate clothing. We seek to become the professional woman’s preferred brand for career attire and to do so in way that is convenient for our time-crunched customers and respectful to our staff, suppliers, community and the environment. As our customers ascend in their own careers, we will continue to grow with them — hoping to play a supporting role in their success.