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Petite Jackets
Our made-to-order petite jackets will not let you down – waistline seams will finally fall where they are supposed to – at the waist. And sleeve lengths will be just right. Our shorter silhouette petite suit jackets were designed specifically to visually lengthen your legs and balance your petite proportions.

Petite Pants
We tailor our petite pants to fit a shorter petite rise and we can custom hem the trousers – so you can stop trampling on your pant hem. All of our styles are available in petite lengths.

Petite Dresses
At Moi-Même, our dresses are cut to your preferred hem length; they will not let you down.

Petite Skirts
We can custom hem our petite skirts to your preferred length.

Petite Shirts
From the length of the shirt to the length of the sleeves, everything off-the-rack is just too long. Maybe there is too much fabric to tuck your shirt into your skirt. You have had it with all those oversized shirts! At Moi-Même, all our shirts are available in petite body proportions.

Personal Tailoring for Petites
About Personal Tailoring
Your Personal Fit
  • By fashion-industry definition, a petite woman is 5’4” or shorter. If this describes you, then a paucity of contemporary petite clothing options might leave you looking too young or too old for your age. And, if you are like most petites, you spend more time with your tailor than you would like.

    We understand the frustration of finding the style you love only to realize the sleeves reach your knuckles or the rise is too long. Personal tailoring might be the best solution for you.

    At Moi-Même, we offer custom petite clothing and petite suits for stylish women seeking the most flattering petite looks and fit. You will not look like you went through your mother’s wardrobe and you will not feel inappropriate or disheveled because your clothes are just too big for you.

    All of our styles are available in petite heights, so you can design your own garments that reflect your unique personality. Find your heart’s delight in our collection of custom petite suits, jackets, dresses and shirts.

  • At Moi-Même, we combine chic design and an expansive range of sizes by body shape with made-to-order construction. We call it Personal Tailoring.

    With our Personal Tailoring service, you can design your own petite clothing and petite women’s suits – selecting silhouettes that flatter your petite figure and choosing styles and colors that are chic and appropriate for your workplace. Once you’ve tried Moi-Même Personal Tailoring, you won’t want to waste another minute rummaging through the department store Petites section. From order to ship, your custom petite clothing is only four weeks away.

  • With our made-to-order service, we offer 72 patterns for every single style — reflecting a diverse population of body shapes and helping most women achieve a more personal fit than what can be found on the store rack. Armed with just a handful of measurements, we help you find the Personal Fit that’s the best match for you.