Real Simple recommends our women's shirts

“I Can’t Find Decent Colors or Patterns in My Size. Design your own [Shirts].”


Finally, a clergy shirt for women tailored to fit your body! Our clerical shirts are designed and tailored to fit the modern woman and feature:

  • Made-to-order fit
  • Six darts for better contouring
  • Stand collar with button holes to accommodate the clerical collar
  • Luxurious, machine-washable stretch cotton fabric available in both white and richly dyed, colorfast black
  • Covered button placket with extra bust button to ensure closure
  • Available in long or short sleeves
  • Choice of cuffs: French, barrel (one button) and extended (three button)

Moi-Même’s clergy shirts are available at the same price as our standard shirts.

IMPORTANT: Special Instructions for Ordering Clergy Shirts:

  1. Take measurements for your clerical collar or shell neckband in one of two ways:
    1. Measure your neck. Have someone else measure for you by placing a measuring tape around your neck, just above the base of the neck where it meets the shoulders. Add a little extra “give” so you will arrive at a measurement that is snug yet comfortable.
    2. Measure another collar. If you have a shirt that already fits you well, use the measuring tape to find the size of that collar. Measure down the center of the collar, from the button on one side to the button hole on the other.
  2. Place a standard (non-clerical) shirt order from our website
  3. Immediately after your order has been placed, reply to your confirmation email and tell us:
    1. Your order number
    2. That you would like a clergy collar on your shirt(s)
    3. The size of your clerical collar or shell neckband, in centimeters or inches
About Personal Tailoring
Your Personal Fit
Tips for Full-Chested Women
  • At Moi-Même, we combine chic design and an expansive range of sizes by body shape with made-to-order construction. We call it Personal Tailoring.

    With Moi-Même Personal Tailoring, you can design your clerical shirts – selecting silhouettes that flatter your figure and choosing styles and colors that are chic and appropriate for your workplace. Once you’ve tried Moi-Même Personal Tailoring, you won’t want to waste another minute rummaging through the religious supply store.

  • With our made-to-order service, we offer 72 patterns for every single style — reflecting a diverse population of body shapes and helping most women achieve a more personal fit than what can be found on the store rack. Armed with just a handful of measurements, we help you find the Personal Fit that’s the best match for you.

  • These tips were provided to us, courtesy of Beth Yvette Strange, AICI FLC, Image Consultant & Owner, Your Image Works:

    • Always have a professional bra fitting each time you buy a bra. Your breasts change continuously, and bra manufacturers often adjust the cut and fit in even the same bra make and style. A properly fitted bra can take visual inches off your full-chested figure and make all the difference in how your top pieces fit.
    • Consider and try a minimizer style bra. Look for styles that don’t add side bulk to your full-chested silhouette. You may not need a minimizer for all tops, but it can make a significant difference in fit, especially for button tops.
    • Add depth to your neckline and shape to the fit in your waist. This will draw the eye to the smaller areas of your frame.
    • Listen to your mother and stand up straight! Numerous studies have shown that you can be perceived as 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter by simply rolling back-and-down your shoulders and lengthening your spine.