Real Simple recommends our women's shirts

“I Can’t Find Decent Colors or Patterns in My Size. Design your own [Shirts].”


Finally, a clergy shirt for women tailored to fit your body! Our clerical shirts are designed and tailored to fit the modern woman and feature:

  • Made-to-order fit
  • Six darts for better contouring
  • Stand collar with button holes to accommodate the clerical collar (see special instructions, below)
  • Luxurious, machine-washable stretch cotton fabric available in both white and richly dyed, colorfast black
  • Covered button placket with extra bust button to ensure closure
  • Available in long or short sleeves
  • Choice of cuffs: French, barrel (one button) and extended (three button)

Moi-Même’s clergy shirts are available at the same price as our standard shirts.

About Personal Tailoring
Your Personal Fit
Tips for Full-Chested Women
  • At Moi-Même, we combine chic design and an expansive range of sizes by body shape with made-to-order construction. We call it Personal Tailoring.

    With Moi-Même Personal Tailoring, you can design your clerical shirts – selecting silhouettes that flatter your figure and choosing styles and colors that are chic and appropriate for your workplace. Once you’ve tried Moi-Même Personal Tailoring, you won’t want to waste another minute rummaging through the religious supply store.

  • With our made-to-order service, we offer 72 patterns for every single style — reflecting a diverse population of body shapes and helping most women achieve a more personal fit than what can be found on the store rack. Armed with just a handful of measurements, we help you find the Personal Fit that’s the best match for you.

  • These tips were provided to us, courtesy of Beth Yvette Strange, AICI FLC, Image Consultant & Owner, Your Image Works:

    • Always have a professional bra fitting each time you buy a bra. Your breasts change continuously, and bra manufacturers often adjust the cut and fit in even the same bra make and style. A properly fitted bra can take visual inches off your full-chested figure and make all the difference in how your top pieces fit.
    • Consider and try a minimizer style bra. Look for styles that don’t add side bulk to your full-chested silhouette. You may not need a minimizer for all tops, but it can make a significant difference in fit, especially for button tops.
    • Add depth to your neckline and shape to the fit in your waist. This will draw the eye to the smaller areas of your frame.
    • Listen to your mother and stand up straight! Numerous studies have shown that you can be perceived as 10 years younger and 10 pounds lighter by simply rolling back-and-down your shoulders and lengthening your spine.