Moi-Meme Support Women's Careers

We at Moi-Même take pride in doing our bit to help support women's careers. We are also committed to operating in a manner that is sensitive to our entire community - to social, economic and environmental issues.


We take special pride in doing our bit to help support women's careers. To that end, we engage in a number of activities, including hosting networking events for professional women, showcasing emerging artists in our New York City showroom gallery and organizing clothing donations to disadvantaged women.


We practice lean manufacturing - a management philosophy emphasizing the reduction of resource wastes to improve overall customer value and reduce environmental impact. We jettison “fast fashion” in favor of “slow style” – producing only what has been ordered by our customers and designing classic styles that can be worn for multiple seasons.

Recognizing that the energy required to launder garments exceeds the energy required to produce them, we also provide expanded laundering instructions to discourage over-washing.


Non-profit organizations Moi-Même has supported include: Reach the World (international education for urban schoolchildren), The Black Business Students Association, Princeton Annual Giving and the South Asian Women’s Leadership Foundation (scholarships), Columbia Women in Business and Stern Women in Business (women’s business education).


Moi-Même is pleased to help support the mission of the not-for-profit organization, Dress for Success, as it seeks “to promote the economic independence of disadvantaged women by providing professional attire, a network of support and the career development tools to help women thrive in work and in life.” With every garment delivered, we encourage our customers to “recycle” their gently used, dry cleaned suits by donating them to their local Dress for Success affiliate.

How to Donate to Dress for Success

To ensure that an article of clothing or suit is appropriate for Dress for Success clients, ask yourself if you would feel comfortable wearing it on an interview. If the answer is yes, then it is right for Dress for Success clients. Needed items include:  

* Interview-appropriate suits and related separates
* Solid color blouses
* Shoes that are suitable for the workplace. Dress for Success clients receive brown, black or navy shoes most frequently. Please no heels higher than 3 inches and no open-toed shoes.
* Unopened hosiery
* Unused undergarments
* Black tote bags, attaché bags or briefcases
* Basic professional accessories (including jewelry, scarves, belts and handbags)
* Unopened cosmetics
* Coats and outerwear


Moi-Même has showcased the work of emerging female artists, connecting women in creative enterprises to women in industry. The shows are curated by photographer Zev Jonas. Our featured artists have received media coverage for their shows in publications including the Toronto Star and London-based The Independent. Artist work is available for purchase.

Previously Featured Artists

Marcy Grant is the winner of our Embroidery Design Competition. Marcy is the founder of -- and designer behind -- the accessories and fashion brand, FORMODA. Marcy works out of her Chicago loft and sells her work through shows, boutiques, by appointment.