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With Moi-Même Personal Tailoring, you can design your own professional clothing and custom tall women’s suits – selecting silhouettes that flatter your figure and choosing styles and colors that are chic and appropriate for your workplace.

Professional Attire for Tall Women from Moi-Meme

One Button Jacket for Tall Women

We understand. Your pants are never long enough, or if they are, they are just too big everywhere else. When you raise your arms to reach the bar on the subway, you find yourself tugging at your sleeve. Altering most clothing is not an option because there is simply not enough fabric to make the legs and sleeves long enough. It is especially difficult to find suits for tall women that look both modern and professional. Personal tailoring is the ideal solution for you.

shown at top: Montreal shirt with Shanghai pant
shown at left: Valencia one-button jacket

Recommendations for Tall Women's Suits

At Moi-Même, we offer stylish custom clothing for tall women seeking the most flattering tall girl looks and fit. No longer will you tug self-consciously at your sleeve or worry that your hemline is too short. All of our garments are available in tall lengths, so you can design your own garments that reflect your unique personality. Find your heart’s delight in our collection of custom suits, jackets, dresses and shirts for tall women.

Design Clothing for Tall Women now

Endorsements for Moi-Meme's Personal Tailoring for Tall Women

Looking for long pants? Glamour magazine advises readers to check out Moi-Meme's Cape Town pant.

As recommended by:

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Real Simple magazine recommends Moi-Meme custom shirts for women

“I Can’t Find Decent Colors or Patterns in My Size”

Design your own. It may sound indulgent, but having a shirt custom-made to your exact specifications and proportions may not be significantly more expensive than buying off-the-rack.

O the Oprah Magazine

“One of the Best Fashion
Labels for Tall Women”



Personal Tailoring

What is personal tailoring?
Personal tailoring is a whole new shopping experience based on the premise that no two bodies are the same and every body deserves stylish, flattering professional attire and custom suits.

With Moi-Même Personal Tailoring, you can design your own clothing for tall women and tall women's suits – selecting silhouettes that flatter your tall figure and choosing styles and colors that are chic and appropriate for your workplace. Personal tailoring is a whole new shopping experience; once you’ve tried it, you won't want to waste another minute rummaging through the department store looking for the longest pair of pants they offer. From order to ship, your custom tall clothing is only four weeks away.

Moi-Même designs and tailors smart, stylish custom suits for tall women and clothing for tall women.

Moi-Même tailors custom clothing for tall women:

  • Clothing for tall women
  • Suits for tall women / Tall women’s suits
  • Tall women’s business suits
  • Tall women’s pant suits and pants for tall women
  • Custom clothing for tall women

Design Clothing for Tall Women now


Recommendations for Tall Women

We understand how difficult it is to find pants and pant suits for tall women, in particular. In fact, Moi-Même was founded by a businesswoman who needed a few well-fitted women's pant suits to wear while meeting with clients, but was simply too tall to fit into the pre-hemmed pants found at department and specialty stores.

So we spent a lot of time getting our pants just right. Cut to fit long legs, all of our tall pants look and fit great on tall women. The Tangiers wide-leg pant with cuff was designed specifically for women with long legs (and long feet, too). What's more, you can choose your own custom hem length to accommodate high heels - imagine!

If you are a pear-shaped tall woman (curvy through the hips or thighs), read our recommendations for pear-shaped women.

Our suggestion for the perfect pant suit for tall women is to pair one of our longer silhouette suit jackets with one of our made-to-order pants.

Pant for Tall Women
shown above: Jakarta pant with Lima shirt

Do you worry your skirt shows a bit too much knee? At Moi-Même, our skirts for tall women can be custom hemmed to a length that is appropriate for even the most conservative workplace. You can confidently wear any of our tall women’s skirts.

For the perfect tall women’s skirt suit, pair one of our skirts with any of our suit jackets.

Skirt for Tall Women
shown above: Palermo tulip skirt

Our made-to-order jackets for tall women will not let you down – waistline seams will finally fall where they are supposed to – at the natural waist, not uncomfortably at the rib cage. Because we know how it is to always feel like your sleeves are too short, all our jackets for tall women can be made longer if you choose a custom sleeve length.

All our jackets can be tailored to fit your tall proportions – so don’t hesitate to choose any of them. We especially recommend our long-silhouette jackets. If you’re larger through the bust, be sure to read our recommendations for full-chested women.

For interview suits for tall women, pair the classic Torino jacket with our Cape Town pant or Cairns pencil skirt.

Jacket for Tall Women
shown above: Valencia one-button jacket

SHIRTS FOR TALL WOMEN More Tall Women's Shirts
For most tall women, the sleeves are just too short and regular-length shirts on tall women are forever coming untucked.

At Moi-Même, all our shirts are available in tall body proportions.

We have no specific recommendations as all of our shirts are available in tall lengths. If you have a large bust, however, be sure to read our recommendations for full-chested women.

Shirt for Tall Women
shown above: Lima shirt


DRESSES FOR TALL WOMEN More Tall Women's Dresses
A tall woman’s dress ought to convey elegance and grace. Try one of our custom-length dresses for tall women – cut to the hemline length you prefer.

For slim or straight-figured tall women, we highly recommend the Singapore or Seoul sheath dresses as the long, clean lines and fitted look will flatter your figure. If you are a bit curvier through the hips, we recommend Melbourne or Cordoba, tall women’s dresses with a slight A-line skirt.

Our tailored dresses are the perfect foundation for our tall women’s suits. For example, the top-stitched waistband detail of the Singapore dress and side-slit top stitching on our Melbourne dress compliment the detail on our Reykjavik and Madrid suit jackets.

Dress for Tall Women
shown above: Seoul dress

PLUS SIZE TALL WOMEN More Plus Size Tall Women
We are not able to accommodate Plus sizes at this time, but we are pleased to report that we will be adding Plus sizes very soon. To be amongst the first to learn when we add Plus sizes, please join our mailing list.

Design Clothing for Tall Women now

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