Cape Town

Price: $195 Tissu | $245 Luxe | $295 Premier

A classic pant that can be worn in any workplace, Cape Town is our most popular. Includes belt loops, front zip and tab closure. Fully lined. Customize your pockets and opt for a custom length, hemmed to flats or heels.

Description (fit): Mid-rise pant with flat front and straight leg

Where to wear it: All occasions, including conservative workplaces and for interviews

How to wear it: The perfect pant for interviews when you choose a charcoal, navy or black fabric

Recommended for: All heights, all sizes, straight and curvy shapes

Not recommended for: Very curvy shapes


Glamour magazine advises readers to "check out Moi-Même's Cape Town pant"

"This is the first pair of pants that has ever fit me properly." - Anne, CT