Customer Testimonials

A big "thank you" to our customers for all the wonderful feedback we've received.

Here are a few of our favorites:

I have been telling all my friends about my great experience. I get nice comments about the pants, and I refer those persons straight to you. Great clothes, eco-awareness, charity-minded, advocacy for women professionals, and great fun picking the styles and fabrics. I would rather give you my business than anonymous large retailers any day. – Danielle, LA

I am wearing your suit today -- important meeting! – Dawn, NJ

I wore [my shirt] to work for the first time today and got at least 5 compliments - and I was wearing a suit jacket most of the day! They all thought purple was my color. – Jennifer, IL

I wanted to thank you again for the beautiful suits. I get a lot of compliments on them -- especially the dogwood embroidered jacket which is quite unlike anything else on the market. It is simultaneously professional but feminine. A rare combination. – Mary, PA

I wore my FABULOUS suit at a presentation last night and had two women ask me where I got it!! – Lauren, NY

There are quite a few decent local tailors (although good on alterations, they are not strong on the design front which is why I continue to use Moi-Même!) - Cristy, Hong Kong, China

I just want you to know I love my jacket!!!!! Once I get through some big projects I will be back for slacks and skirt! Take care. Thanks again. – Karen, NY

I love my pants and skirt! They fit me like a glove and greatly flatter my figure. What a difference tailor-made makes! - Tanya, FL

I wear my Moi-Même clothing so often and have received many wonderful compliments on them. – Victoria, NJ

I am loving my suits (!). I'm so put-together now, it's like a whole new world. - Maryanne, NY

After years of struggling to find the perfect suit, Moi-Même was like a dream come true. I wear suits for work every single day and it is near impossible to find ones that are classy, chic, comfortable and affordable. I feel confident I will rarely ever shop anywhere else for a suit from here on out! – Kate, NY

By the way, I have gotten so many compliments on my suits, especially the Calgary Jacket with the dogwood embroidery around the waist band (I’m wearing it now actually). I love the fit. – Karen, NY

I've worn my Moi-Même shirt two days in a row this week and can't wait to wash and iron it so that I can wear it again. What do I love most? The great-feeling fabric and the vibrant color. It was the perfect pick-me-up for the rainy weather we've been having. – Darlene, NY

I wear my suit ALL THE TIME and just love it! It fits like a dream, looks good, and is comfy. What could be better? - Ellen, NY