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Suiting Fabrics

Our suiting separates are available in three fabric groups: Tissu, Luxe and Premier.


$295 jackets . $225 dresses . $195 pants . $175 skirts

1096 - Black 1094 - Dark Navy 1100 - Light Grey 1095 - Medium Grey


$395 jackets . $325 dresses . $245 pants . $225 skirts

985 - Charcoal Grey Stripe 1063 - Medium Brown 1222 - Black 1213 - Navy Plaid 1214 - Black Plaid 1006 Grey-Blue Stripe 1077 - Light Grey Stripe 1078 - Medium Grey Stripe


$495 jackets . $425 dresses . $295 pants . $275 skirts

1247 - Navy 1194 - Black 1251 - Charcoal 1253 - Medium Grey 1175 - Navy Herringbone 1241 - Ivory 1242 - Sand 1259 - Khaki

All prices above shown in U.S. dollars.

Our suiting fabric portfolio is carefully selected each season and is comprised of breathable natural-fiber cashmere-and-wool blends.

Most of our suiting fabrics are imported from textile mills in Italy, with some occasionally from England or Australia.

Our suiting separates are available in three suiting fabric groups: Tissu, Luxe and Premier. Luxe and Premier are our premium groups, with most fabrics featuring a higher cashmere content and/or finer woolen yarn.

Regardless of the fabric you select, you can be confident that our highly edited portfolio is comprised of fabrics that, in our experience, we expect to wear well over multiple seasons.

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When you design a garment, you will have the opportunity to view larger swatches and read complete fabric descriptions.






NOTE: Our suiting fabrics do not include elastene for stretch. What this means is that our garments cannot be worn tight and smooth across the body, like one might expect with fabrics such as Spandex® or Lycra®. While all our garments are designed for a tailored look, we know that some women prefer to wear their clothing tight against the body. We cannot accommodate this preference with our suiting fabrics. Our shirting fabrics do, however, include elastene for stretch.



Shirting Fabrics

Our shirts are available in solids or prints.


Fuchsia White Bordeaux Plum Spring Green Black


Light blue Slate grey Khaki Charcoal



Our premium cotton shirting fabrics are imported from Turkey and feature 3-4% elastene for stretch.

Our shirting fabrics are available in a variety of solid colors and prints. The fabric we use is typically found in shirts that retail for $200-$250 USD, but our shirts are just $130.

  • Luxurious, silky feel

  • Machine-washable, so you can save on those trips to the dry cleaners

  • Stretch for comfort

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Bemberg® Lining Colors

When you order a Moi-Même suiting garment, you also select your own lining color.

Khaki Ivory Red Fuchsia Teal Navy Black


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We take lining fabric seriously because it helps to support your garment and protect your suiting fabric from yellowing.

We line all our garments to the hem: no more half-lined pants and unlined skirts. Our jackets feature convenient interior lining pockets.

When you order a Moi-Même garment, you also select your own lining color. Our 100% Bemberg lining fabrics are available in a palette of colors that ranges from subtle to dazzling. Select a color to match your unique personality.

Bemberg is Wearable. As soft as silk, yet cooler and more durable, Bemberg is a breathable natural-fiber wicking fabric; it keeps you cool all year-round in a way that synthetic fabrics do not. In fact, our lining provides cooler and drier warm-weather comfort than unlined garments. If you have dry skin, you will appreciate having our lining fabric – and not wool – next to your body. Furthermore, our lining fabric is anti-static and anti-cling.

Bemberg is Sustainable. Our Bemberg cupromium rayon is a cotton-based fabric that is annually renewable – avoiding both forest and petroleum depletion. Furthermore, it is naturally biodegradable.