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Dear NYC Showroom Customer,

I am pleased to announce that we are now offering all of our garments online. As part of this transition, we are no longer taking appointments for our NYC showroom.

What this means to you:

  • The same great customization. We still offer the same chic styles, fabrics and trim options.

  • Expanded convenience. Now you can design and order your custom garments online -- from anywhere! It’s faster, too. Garments will be delivered to your home or office.

  • More consistent sizing. Instead of tailoring from dozens of individual measurements, we have analyzed our measurement database to create a standard set of patterns that reflect a diverse population of body shapes. In fact, we now work from as many as 72 different patterns for each style! The pattern that best matches your body is your Personal Fit.

    We have translated your measurements into our new Personal Fit system. In the next few days you will be able to view your Personal Fit by logging into "My Account" using your e-mail address. In the meantime, please contact us and we will be happy to tell you your Personal Fit so you may place an order now.

  • Continued custom lengths. You can still request custom lengths for your pant and skirt hems as well as for your jacket and shirt sleeves.

  • Lower prices. Yes, it’s true! We have reduced the price of our suiting garments.


With the transition to made to order, we are no longer offering an alterations service. If you would like a recommendation for a local tailor, please contact us.



Dawn Marie Verbrigghe
Founder, Moi-Même Attire


Transition FAQs:

How is made-to-order different from made-to-measure?

With made-to-measure, we found which of our eight (8) patterns most closely fit your body and then altered that pattern based on the numerous measurements we took of your body. With made-to-order, we request fewer measurements but use those to select from a much larger set of patterns: 72 patterns, to be precise.

Will the made-to-order garments fit me the same as the made-to-measure garments I've ordered in the past?

No, it is unlikely that the fit will be the same. Contact us to learn how closely your measurements match our new made-to-order patterns.

Can you recommend a local tailor to handle my alterations?

We can recommend an alterations tailor for you in New York City. Contact us for a recommendation.

Can you continue to make my garments using the measurements you already have for me?

We have already used your measurements to identify the best match from our 72 made-to-order patterns, but we are no longer making any garments made-to-measure (following your exact measurements).

Do you have other questions about the transition? Please contact us.