Custom Women's Suits

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With Moi-Même Personal Tailoring, you can design your own professional clothing and custom women’s suits – selecting silhouettes that flatter your figure and choosing styles and colors that are chic and appropriate for your workplace.

Endorsements for Moi-Meme's Petite Personal Tailoring

O the Oprah Magazine

“One of the Best Fashion
Labels for Tall Women”

- O, The Oprah Magazine

The Week Magazine recommends Moi-Meme custom business suits for women

“One of the Best Websites for Customized Clothing”

- The Week Magazine


I wore my FABULOUS suit at a presentation last night and had two women ask me where I got it!! – Lauren, NY

I wear my Moi-Même clothing so often and have received many wonderful compliments on them. – Victoria, NJ

I wear my suit ALL THE TIME and just love it! It fits like a dream, looks good, and is comfy. What could be better? - Ellen, NY

I wore [my shirt] to work for the first time today and got at least five compliments - and I was wearing a suit jacket most of the day! They all thought purple was my color. – Jennifer, IL


Personal Tailoring


Endless dressing-room sessions. Skirts without curves. Polyester! Finding career clothing and women’s business suits that are both stylish and well-fitted no longer needs to be such a challenge. At Moi-Même, we combine chic design and an expansive range of sizes by body shape with made-to-order construction. We call it Personal Tailoring.

With our Personal Tailoring service, you can design your own custom made women’s clothing online -- in your own Personal Fit -- and have it shipped to you in about four weeks.


Whether you work in a conservative law firm, a trendy media business, or you need a women’s interview suit that would be appropriate for both, we have a style for you. Once you’ve found the style you love, personalize it with your preferred fabric, lining color and trim details. Start designing now >


Invariably, we are all taller or shorter or curvier or straighter than the garments at our local department store. With our made-to-order service, we offer 72 patterns for every single style -- reflecting a diverse population of body shapes and helping most women achieve a more personal fit than what can be found on the store rack. Armed with just a handful of measurements, we help you find the Personal Fit that’s the best match for you.


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Recommendations for Custom Suits for Women


Clothing for Professional Women
We offer styles for both business-casual and business formal workplaces (e.g. women’s business suits).

Business-Casual Workplaces
Not every workplace requires a women’s business suit; that’s why we offer separates for business casual offices. If you are like most women, finding pants that fit well is your single greatest wardrobe challenge. Put an end to those frustrating dressing-room sessions with Moi-Même custom-tailored pants. Or try our custom-tailored women’s shirts – designed to fit and flatter a woman’s curves.

Women's Business Suits
Moi-Même specializes in business suits for women. Our customers range from MBA and JD students seeking interview suits to C-level executives who require exceptional women’s business suits that reflect their professional achievements. Moi-Même’s business suits for women are always chic, yet office-appropriate. View our collection of women’s business suits.



Black Suits for Women
You can never have too many women’s black suits – or can you? All our styles are available in black fabrics and we offer a number of fabric color options that are appropriate even for more conservative workplaces, including navy suits and charcoal grey suits. Women’s black suits are a great starting point, but perhaps it’s time to diversify your portfolio.

Interview Suits for Women
Each year we publish “The Moi-Même Guide to Professional Attire for Women” to help demystify women’s office attire and what to wear to an interview. Learn more about our interview suits for women and women’s business suits for interviews.

Clergy Shirts for Women
Are you a minister or clergy member? Moi-Même designs and tailors custom clergy shirts for women and women’s clerical shirts.


Custom Clothing for Petites and Petite Suits
“A very petite-friendly custom-tailoring company,” writes the Shorty Stories blog. In a world where nearly half of all women are petite, it’s surprising that more clothing brands have not taken notice. Learn more about our custom petite suits and custom petite clothing.

Custom Clothing for Tall Women and Suits for Tall Women
Moi-Même was founded by a woman who could not find pants that were long enough. Come see why O, The Oprah Magazine has named Moi-Même one of "The Best Fashion Labels for Tall Women." Learn more about our custom suits for tall women and custom tall women’s clothing.

Custom Clothing for Large Busted and Full-Chested Women
Are you curvy on the top? Learn more about styles that will flatter your body, including: suits for full-chested women, dresses for full busted women, shirts for large busted women and jackets for women with large chests.

Custom Clothing for Pear Shaped Women
Are you curvy on the bottom? We can recommend specific styles of clothing for pear shaped women, including pants, skirts and dresses for pear shaped women.

Design Petite Clothing now